Broadband Project - People walking in the street


Broadband internet service is one of the cornerstones of economic, education, and health development. There are still areas in our region that have either no connection or extremely limited connections. The Broadband objectives for the area will be set thru a series of meetings. These objectives may include improved markets for businesses, aging in place, distance learning, entertainment, and tele-medicine.

In order to improve broadband access for businesses and residents we need to take a few steps. First we need to understand what the goals are for each community. Understanding what the residents and businesses will use broadband for is key to creating a solution. We will also document the existing infrastructure to know what we have to work with that already exists. Compiling this information combined with an understanding of an affordability model for the communities and subscribers the technology consultants will develop a technology map that identifies that highest impact way to improve broadband access for Somerset County.

The vision for the work is that everyone in Somerset County will have access to convenient, affordable, secure and powerful broadband networks that enable them to thrive in their communities and across the globe. Broadband will create a platform for people to start and grow their businesses, and will create a more sustainable economy. High-capacity internet connections will be considered a critical and integral utility for quality of life.


Recreational Development: Man holding caught fish in the river

Recreational Tourism

Somerset County is a year round tourism destination that offers a broad network of trails, amazing lakes, white water rafting and paddling opportunities, top notch accommodations, cultural opportunities and a great local experience that will make you want to stay forever.

Somerset County also boasts 2 stops on the Maine Brewery Tour, new agro-tourism opportunities, and a cultural trail that highlights spectacular work from Bernard Langely and our own Barry Norling.


Workforce Development: Men working with wood in warehouse

Workforce Development

In Somerset County we have a strong, hard working population with a range of skills. With a low unemployment rate and a high rate of retirement it is imperative to our economic growth to have all adults having the relevant skills to productively participate in the workforce.

In Somerset County we are fortunate to have many resources to assist our businesses and individuals in acquiring new skills and creating certification programs. Adult Education, Kennebec Valley Community College, Colby and Thomas are all accessible to Somerset County. If you are a business and have a specific need please contact SEDC to discuss developing a skill or certification program.

If you are an individual looking for employment opportunities please contact your local Career Center.